What happens during the initial consultation?
During the initial consultation I will ask you questions about your basic information and what has brought you into therapy. I will also ask about any previous experiences with therapy and what may or may not have worked for you at those times. Ultimately, you are your own expert so I will be learning from you in this session. Additionally, I will be taking this time and the first three sessions to assess my fit for you as a therapist. You are encouraged to do the same as you should not seek therapy from anyone you do not feel comfortable with.

How long will it take for me to feel better?

If only I could give you an instant cure! The length of time spent in therapy varies from individual to individual. Most attend weekly sessions, others come twice per month. Some spend only a few weeks or months in total, while still others find that therapy is beneficial enough for their everyday lives that they keep with it for years. This is something I discuss with my clients, and while I recommend sticking with the process for at least 4 to 5 months, it will depend on your unique needs.

What is the most important thing for me to know before going into therapy?
The beautiful thing about therapy is that there isn’t much you absolutely have to know that you don’t already. As I said before, you are the expert on YOU. My job is to listen to the expert and provide a new perspective and an understanding ear.
With that being said, like any new process in life, motivation determines a great deal of the ultimate success. Clients who come into therapy with willingness to commit, to do the work, and the understanding that it won’t get better overnight, end up with the best results.

Where are you located?
I have an office in Northwest Longmont. Please see the Location Info tab for the address.