Counseling Services & Fees

I specialize in working with adult individuals and couples. My office is located in Longmont.

Whether you are dealing with depression, trauma, life transitions, grief, self-confidence issues, or simply feeling a lack of fulfillment in your life, my role is to help you achieve greater satisfaction and authenticity. By working together we can create the story of your best life. I take each client’s unique history, present circumstances, and future wishes into account before discussing how we might work together. This includes session length and frequency.

In some cases a therapeutic process called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an effective treatment for the processing of traumatic experiences, maladaptive coping (such as anxiety or depression), and relationship issues. EMDR is an evidence based modality that uses the brain’s natural inclination towards health and it’s ability to adapt and integrate new information in order to heal old wounds. Further information on EMDR can be found under the Resources page.

Therapy for Therapists

I have a passion for working with therapists new and experienced. If you are a current professional or in the process of receiving your degree in order to become a therapist, please check out the tab in the Menu above labeled Helper’s Clinic. There you will find out information on group and individual therapy that I offer specifically for you!

My rate is $90 per session for a 50 minute session and $135 for a 90 minute session. Payment is due at the end of each session. I accept payment via cash, check, or card. A $3.00 processing fee is included for all card base transactions. Payments can also be made through PayPal prior to each session by using the button at the bottom of this page ($3.00 processing fee included).

Reduced fee slots may be available and require a 3 session minimum commitment.

I do not accept insurance, however many insurance companies will often reimburse for out –of-network services. If this is the case for your insurance, I am happy to provide you with an invoice for you to submit to them.