About Me


Human by Nature. Therapist by trade.

I was born in Austin, Texas and lived there for over 20 years. From the time I was small I can remember being fascinated by people’s experiences and the stories they told about them. When I wasn’t people watching I would read books, watch movies, and write my own stories for hours. As I went into young adulthood and was feeling pressured to choose a profession, the arena of film and television seemed the best fit for me. I attended the University of Texas at Austin where would receive a BS in Radio-Television-Film. For the first 3 years of college I was a typical student and I truly enjoyed learning such an artistic trade. Surely, I thought, my future lies in Hollywood.

Three weeks after my 21st birthday, my life was changed forever. Early one Thursday morning, as I was driving into the city, a drunk driver came around a corner and hit my car head on. I was taken by helicopter to a local hospital and in surgery within hours of the accident. For the next 4 years I struggled to heal physically and emotionally. I battled depression, PTSD, and a body I thought to still be broken.

I reached a point where I knew I could continue no longer and I finally sought help. My therapist helped bring me back from that breaking point and helped me find myself once again.

It was during this process that I realized that becoming a therapist was what I was meant to do all along. What I value most in this life are other people, their stories, and their relationships. What better way to use my passion than to become a therapist and support others in living their stories? I enrolled at Regis University of Denver and completed a Masters of Arts Degree in Counseling. Since beginning down this path I have had the honor of working with many unique individuals in extremely different places in their lives, each one working towards creating a more fulfilling and authentic story to live by.



I believe that ultimately most people are good and that they innately have a sense of what is right for them. Sometimes though, life events get in the way of this. Car accidents, unhealthy family systems and relationships, or a devastating loss can cause us to lose touch with our true selves. So much so that we may realize we have been living in survival mode for a long time. With the support of a therapist, I believe we can often find our way to thriving—living with passion, presence, and stability.